Couple photoshoot in Venice: In home engagement session Chiara + Andrea

I am very excited to share one of the first engagement sessions of the year, which happens to be my very first in-home couple photoshoot ever! 

Venice has a lot to offer – beautiful sceneries, captivating architecture, and lovely atmosphere. Some of the most popular sites in Venice include St. Mark’s Square, the Bridge of Sighs, the Canal Grande, Doge’s Palace, Ponte di Rialto, and more. However, not all the lovely things are found outdoors. Yes, nothing can compare to the classical architecture and the magical mix of history and culture found in particular spots in Venice. However, you can find something even more magical indoors and that is true love just like what Andrea and Chiara have for each other as well as the love that they both have for Sam and Flippo.

The atmosphere is filled with love and attraction as Andrea and Chiara gave in to how they feel for each other and just stayed true to their feelings for each other in front of the camera. The shots may not have captured any sound or any words but the camera saw the exchange of love and promises of forever in the eyes of the couple. Each touch is an incredulous questioning of what they have done to deserve each other, each look telling each other how grateful they are for finding each other, and each heartbeat promises each other a lifetime filled with precious memories as they enter a major point in their lives. 

Aside from their love from each other, you will see the magical connection between humans and their furry friends who are also their family. The camera saw the invisible bond that has stood the test of time with a promise to take care of each other in their own unique way.

Then it was time to welcome the sunset. The sunset evokes a myriad of emotions – happiness, melancholy, nostalgia, longing, and a lot more. However, in the session with Andrea and Chiara, there was love, hope, and peace. You can see how they know that they love each other, they believe in each other, and that they are contented with how their love story is going. 

The fields were waiting, just like how life is waiting for them right ahead. It is hard to find someone who is willing to commit his or her life to take care of you, to love you unconditionally, and to promise to understand you and stay with you even when the going gets tough. The sunset casted a lovely golden radiance around the couple as if the universe is sending blessings to their love. It was a scene that is storybook perfect, a fairy tale that is not fictional and which will last a lifetime.

Each photo tells a story, an unspoken passage that is preserved for others to see. Andrea and Chiara are inspirations showing that love is a wonderful thing that everyone is talking about but only few have actually felt. Grateful, Andrea, Chiara, Sam, and Flippo stay with each other and hold each other as they make even more moments and memories In Venice.


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