Coachella Boho Inspired Photoshoot: Bea + Simo

Coachella seems to be one of the most popular of today’s events: celebrities, influencers, web stars, models..the most good looking people on the planet seems to get together to have fun at the Empire Polo Club, Indio, California, United States

It is the music, the colors, in the midst of the desert. It is the privilege of finding yourself surrounded with relaxed, positive vibe, where not only genuine and infectious laughter seems to fill the place, but also tan and glossy legs, extravagant outfits, and dream catchers.

However, if you happen not to be Gigi Hadid or Chiara Ferragni, you are most likely to enjoy the festival on your Instagram timeline.

Coachella is nothing without such lively elements so even when you cannot go there, you can definitely turn any place into Coachella just like what Bea, Simo and I did on this exceptionally fun shoot.

I have a special spot in my heart that I fill with such moments so they are within my reach whenever I feel a need for some joy and motivation.

Each photo summarized the personality of Simo and Bea individually and how they make a great couple – ready with warm smiles in this world of frowns and raised eyebrows. Just like the free-spirited wolf, they breeze through life, they make memories that nobody can take away from them, and their unspoken loyalty to each other is visible in their eyes, their smiles, and how they connect with each other without even touching. 

This is not your conventional fairy tale. It is a story of true love – without a princess, but with a whimsical woman who like to wear boots instead of glass slippers, who laugh freely instead of weeping by the fireplace, a woman who make things happen instead of waiting for a fairy godmother to turn her dreams into reality. It is a true story of love – without Prince Charming but with a man who wears suspenders instead of a luxurious cape, who uses his hands to spread love and peace instead of holding swords, a man who protects his beloved from the wicked stepmothers and stepsisters of this world not just because she has the right shoe size but because he believes that everybody deserves to be happy and to live in peace.

A story designed to lead to the ever elusive happily ever after – they shared smiles, looks, hugs, laughter, and the same view of how to live life – to enjoy each moment, to savour the time they spend with each other. I am just grateful to have captured some of those precious memories which will definitely make me smile once in a while and keep me inspired – especially during the times that I need it most.

Wish you all the best of your new life in Malta, I had so much fun creating this photoshoot and I will be forever grateful ! 

Makeup by: Martina Bellinato