How to get from Rome to Positano (the easiest + cheapest way)

The iconic city of Positano, in Amalfi Coast, is 171 miles southern of the City of Rome. Positano has a population of nearly 3,942 and is one of the oldest town in Italy. To get from Rome to Positano, there are several transportation options. Consider the pros and cons of each option to choose the best transportation option for you.

With its beautiful tiny beaches and iconic instagrammable spots, there is no reason not to visit Positano in summer 2019, and if you are visiting Rome, I would highly recommend adding this little town to your itinerary.

Let’s see how to get here from Rome.


One of the main ways to get to Positano is definitely the train!

Even though there’s no really a “Positano station”, nor are there any train stations on the Amalfi Coast. It's the easiest way to get closer to that beautiful destination.

1) Train from Rome to Naples

It will be good to take the Naples stations as a reference point. It will be from here, in fact, that you will be able to take further transport that will allow you to arrive in Positano or arrive on the Amalfi Coast in a more or less rapid manner. The price of the train ticket is around 13€ with a regional train and it can be purchased inside the station (no need to book in advance)

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2) Hop off to “Stazione di Napoli Centrale” or (Napoli central train station)

When you arrive to Napoli Centrale Train station, you have to walk to the “Circumvesuviana Railway”. This railway line frequently ensures connections between Naples and the Sorrento Peninsula and is useful for arriving in Sorrento, from where it is possible to use direct buses to Positano or, more generally, direct buses to the Amalfi Coast. Price of the Circumvesuviana Railway from Naples to Sorrento: around 6€

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3) Last step: Bus to from Sorrento to Positano

Once you arrive in Sorrento Station, you will have to purchase a ticket for (price of about 5€) for SITA buses. Make sure to check all their FAQs on their websites as i found them really useful.

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That’s it! You should have been able to arrive to Positano now! :)

I know, it’s a long journey but I promise it’s so so worth it and It will forever be one of the most beautiful places I’ve even visited in Italy.