Why you should consider Italy as your honeymoon destination

So you are getting married? How exciting!

One of the things that you are probably the most thrilled about the whole process of planning a wedding is definitely your honeymoon. I mean, you get to dream a little bit bigger this time, travel a little further and explore places you might have never thought about before.


You are at a point where you are also probably overwhelmed with the amount of amazing destinations available and It seems impossible to choose.

But today I’m here to help you, and I want to give you my two cents on why you should consider traveling to Italy on your honeymoon.

Italy is a small peninsula located in Southern Europe, in the middle of the Mediterrean Sea, home to beautiful history, stunning nature and cute little towns.

Summer in Positano

Summer in Positano

Why You Should Consider Italy for Your Honeymoon

Italy is one of the best honeymoon destinations for couples. The environment of Italy is filled with the fragrances of delicious food, wine, and romance. The spectacular country is rich in history, culture, and art. It has much more love filled in its environment. Most of the couple's dream of spending their honeymoon in this country of romance. 

Experience the perfect honeymoon in Italy. It has many wonderful things to look into. You can make your trip much more enjoyable and romantic. Here we share some attractions that make Italy a perfect place for honeymoon couples. After reading this context you will definitely find why you should consider Italy for your honeymoon.

Mesmerizing Views:

Italy offers a perfect scenery view full of romance. You will get wonderful sceneries, of rolling hills, ocean views, valleys, and much more. The birds-eye view of Rome from Venice’s a bell tower is an excellent view. It has much more attractive architectures that worth a visit. 

View from Accademia Bridge in Venice

View from Accademia Bridge in Venice

Food and Wine:

The grand hotels and restaurants in Italy offer delicious food to the guests. You will get amazing treats and wines with your food in Italy. The pizza, pasta, desserts, and popular Italian gelato are one of the top dishes in Italy. You can plan a romantic dinner for your partner. Make your honeymoon much more romantic with the Italian wines. 

Diana and Blake celebrating their proposal in Venice during my photoshoot

Diana and Blake celebrating their proposal in Venice during my photoshoot

Romantic Weather:

Italy has wonderful weather during the summer. You can enjoy on its cool beaches full of fun. Sicily, Sardinia, and Tuscany are some of the best beaches to visit in Italy. The golden sand, crystal blue water, and a captivating view will offer romantic weather for couples. You can also explore many historical places in Italy. 



It is the main factor that makes Italy an attraction for honeymoon couples. Here you will get lots of romantic activities to do. You can enjoy a romantic ride in Gondola with your partner. You will get romantic poetry and prose that you can offer as a gift to your partner. The shops in Italy are full of rich accessories for indicating your love. 

You can buy a perfect gift for your soul mate from Italy. These are some reasons that make Italy one of the best honeymoon destinations. We can say Italy has love in its air. So make your honeymoon full of enjoyment and romance by planning a trip to this love destination.  

If you are planning to visit Italy during your honeymoon and you are considering having your experience beautifully recorded on images, get in contact!