The best Vegan breakfast you can have in Paris

There is not such thing like the shy early sun, the tangling air and the empty streets of a Sunday morning in Paris.

One of those moments in life when everything looks and feels just right.



I have an addiction. To breakfasts, and sweets. Like, to food actually.

My collegues and friends know: I am always eating, all day. Can't help it.

Breakfast is my favourite meal of the day, and I never skip it. So when in Paris I looked for the best place to have breakfast as a vegan cause can you really miss the croissant experience? No you can't :)

So thanks, Google! Scrolling through all the vegan places in Paris, I found THE place I was looking for:

VG Pâtisserie.

It is located in Roquette and it is easily reachable with the metro line n. 9, Voltaire / Léon Blum stop
The area is  a very residential area and it is quite tourists-free. I guess it is a nice area to live in, too.



VG Pâtisserie is just the BOMB. I have never had such an amazing vegan food experience. 
Not only the textures, the flavours, the colors  and the look of everything. But the guys working there are sweeter that the sweets they sell. They made my day.



The desserts selection is very wide, considering the bakery is not very big.

I ended up picking a Marzipan croissanta Pistachio Mousse roll covered in a crunchy strawberry topping and a piece of vegan Vanilla Flan. Aw, and an American coffee :)


If you ever get the chance to visit paris and you are looking for a really good place to have a vegan breakfast don’t think twice: this place will not disappoint you, I promise!